March to keep religion out of schools


There is a groundswell of silent support for those protesting Peel school board’s decision to permit Friday prayers in school for Muslim students.

Last Saturday, a couple of hundred demonstrators chanted slogans and marched from Mississauga Celebration Square to the Peel board of education on Saturday vociferous in their protest to ban prayer and other religious observances in public schools.

Participants, many holding placards and banners that read ‘No Religious Practices in Public School.’ left Celebration Square at around 11 a.m. and made their way toward Peel District School Board headquarters on Hurontario Street.

The protest was organized after Peel school board refused to entertain delegations seeking to discuss the matter.

Friday prayer has been observed in Peel schools for some two decades, but accommodation for Muslim students has been a contentious issue this school year.

The controversy first surfaced when administrative changes to an operating procedure (the move to create a sermon bank) were met with resistance from the Muslim community last fall and has since been a highly divisive issue among parents and students, residents, educators and politicians.

Parents and those opposed to M-103 another contentious Motion currently in the news met with MP Ruby Sahota where they passionately put forward their fears, concerns and opposition to what they see as preferential treatment for Muslims.

The contentious issue of prayer in schools isn’t expected to end anytime soon and with no resolution in sight, protesters are set for a long battle ahead.

These are issues that are familiar back in countries like India but here in Canada these are discussions that sound like news from the old country. – CINEWS

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