Margot Robbie once prank-called Prince Harry

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Los Angeles, March 4 (IANS) Actress Margot Robbie says she once prank-called Prince Harry after getting his number from friend and model Cara Delevingne, who she blames for inciting her.

It happened when the pair found themselves with spare time while co-starring in a movie and the model was bored.

Robbie told “Cara knows Harry and while we were filming ‘Suicide Squad’ she was like, ‘Let’s prank-call him’. I said, ‘We can’t prank-call ­royalty’, but anyway we did – and he was so cool with it.”

The actress, 27, did not elaborate on the details, but confirmed Meghan Markle’s fiance can take a joke.

She said: “Prince Harry is so nice. England literally has the coolest royalty in the world.”

She later cringed with embarrassment over the prank when she bumped into the royal in a photo booth at a party in London in 2016.

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Prince Harry was wearing comedy spectacles, and was squeezed in with cousin Princess Eugenie, actress Sienna ­Miller, presenter Poppy Jamie and Delevingne as well as Robbie.

She said: “There were maybe five of us in this photo booth and I didn’t realise until I was inside that one of the people was Prince Harry. He loved the booth though, I think he should get one for the ­wedding for sure.”



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