Mariah and Nick to protect their kids despite divorce

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Mariah…I never thought I would have babies and then get divorced.

The America’s Got Talent host and pop sensation have long taken the high road when it comes to putting their twin children, Monroe and Moroccan, ahead of any potential relationship drama.

Talking about 2014 split from Nick Cannon came up, Mariah Carey  admitted, “I never thought I would have babies with someone and then get divorced.”

“But life happens and it was supposed to happen. It’s fine. For [my children], I wish it hadn’t happened that way,” she added.

As it turns out, Nick feels the same exact way. When asked how the star reacted to her latest comments Cannon said, “I think we have the same sentiments when it comes to that. We’re working it out and it’s the best it possibly could be.”

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