Massive protests in Brazil against labour reforms

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Brasilia, Nov 11 (IANS) Massive protests took place across Brazil against a comprehensive labour reform that the people believe only benefits big business.

The protests were held in the country’s 24 of 27 states, a day before the labour reforms take effect, reports Xinhua news agency.

It has been approved by Congress and signed into law by President Michel Temer.

In addition to the reforms, citizens also protested against a social security reform bill which is waiting to be voted in the Congress.

Both the labour and social security reforms are considered highly damaging to workers, according to critics, who say that it will make workers more vulnerable, reduce their rights and will be ineffective in curbing unemployment.

The social security reform is criticised for establishing a minimum age of retirement regardless of how many years one has worked, which will in practice make poorer people work for many more years and retire with lower pensions.

The labour reform passed with relative ease in Congress, but the social security reform is considered a much harder sell, as the government does not have, at this point, enough votes to approve the bill before the end of the year.



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