Mayawati doing politics in name of Dalits: BJP

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New Delhi, Sep 5 (IANS) Hitting back at BSP Chief Mayawati for accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of working only for corporates, the BJP on Monday accused the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister of doing politics in the name of Dalits and said the party is synonymous with crime and corruption.

“It seems that Mayawati is looking through the prism of money and is unable to see the development works of the Modi government. Mayawati knows that if she accepts this fact then the market rate of her party tickets, which she sells and earns money, will go down,” BJP National Secretary Srikant Sharma said in a statement.

“Not the welfare of Dalits but to earn money in the name of Dalits is her only agenda,” he added.

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Mayawati, while addressing a rally at Allahabad on Sunday, accused the Prime Minister of working only for big businessmen and ignoring the poor. She also reiterated that atrocities on Dalits had increased after the BJP’s rise to power at the Centre.

Sharma said that Mayawati’s frustration and disappointment was clearly reflected in the rally and it was clear to her that she can no longer gain votes in the name of Dalits.

“Mayawati has always done politics of vote bank in the name of Dalits but in reality she has done nothing for the upliftment of Dalits. Harassment against Dalits rises whenever the BSP is voted to power in the state,” he said.

The BJP leader also termed the BSP as “a nexus of crime and corruption”.

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