McDonald’s could be in its ‘final days’

London, Oct 19 (ANI): McDonald’s could be in its “final days” as the fast-food chain is facing a “deep depression”, said the US franchise owners who were surveyed about the restaurant chain’s recent performance.

According to The Independent, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook’s introduced all-day breakfasts in its US stores as a part of a ‘turnaround plan’ which also included digital ordering kiosks and other new menu items.

Restaurant operators said that the new initiatives turned out to be a headache for them.

One franchisee said that the CEO was “sowing the seeds of our demise”.

The all-day breakfast has purportedly thrown a spanner in the works of the kitchens, with an extra range of menu items resulting in more pressure on the staff and a higher chance of mistakes.

29 franchisees, operating 226 restaurants, were interviewed and aksed to rate their six-month forecast from one (bad) to five (excellent). The average score was 1.69, the lowest ever since the survey began 12 years ago. (ANI)

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