McDonald’s deny boycotting Thai fish

Bangkok, Oct 26 (IANS) Fastfood giant McDonald’s Thai franchise denied that the company is boycotting fish from Thailand over the use of slave labour, a media report said on Monday.

An image showing a McDonald’s sign with the symbolic yellow arch and words, “We don’t use fish caught in Thailand by slave labour in our fish sandwiches”, has gone viral on social media, The Bangkok Post reported.

McThai Co., the local operator of the fastfood chain, said in a statement that the image is false and it was created through a parody website which allowed people to use official logos and create images with messages of their own.

In a post of its Facebook page, McThai Co. said its fish burger is made from 100 percent Alaska Pollock, a member of the cod species, caught in the northern Pacific Ocean.

It said McDonald’s Thailand imported the fish from the US and that the image and the message was misleading.

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