McDonald’s University, a tougher nut to crack than Oxford

London, Oct 26 (ANI): There’s a McDonald’s university and getting into the UK’s prestigious Oxford and Cambridge is easier than getting into this one.

The global fast food chain, which has launched campuses across the world and gives students the chance to enrol on an intensive week-long course, only accepts 1 percent of applicants, the Daily Star reported.

Only eight out of 1,000 students are accepted on to the course compared to 18 percent at Oxford and 20.8 percent at Cambridge.

The McDonald’s Hamburger University, where students learn skills in business growth and leadership development, has campuses in London, Tokyo, Sydney, Munich, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Illinois.

A further eighth is scheduled to open in Moscow later this year.

The first university was founded in 1961 and now has more than 275,000 graduates. (ANI)

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