Meet Charu Puri, the Modern Yogi


Charu Puri is high on happiness, brimming with passion and has a zest for life, naturally then people think she’s mad. When she took off for Mumbai in the hope of seeking fame in Bollywood, she seemed to confirm some of those suspicions. Nothing came of that but the experience is what helped her on her next stage.CharuPuri
Charu has been through a lot in her life, ups and downs and she’s taken it in her stride. She lost a brother when she was 16, it was hard.
But all through the experiences both positive and negative, Charu was aware of a spiritual power that cause many miraculous events to occur.
For ten years she lived like an ascetic. She became a yogi, went back to India where she practiced and taught yoga and meditation. She got her mind sorted out.
Today she calls herself A Modern Yogi. “Because I am not a spiritual guide in orange clothes, I wear jeans and a t-shirt,” she said. Recently she made her music debut with a Blues single on VH1 in India.
Before that she wrote a book called “A Modern Yogi- a different kinda memoir” which is available on Amazon. She lives in Brampton.
Below are excerpts of a fascinating interview with this shall we say, Modern Yogi?

Tell us a little about your growing up in Canada.
I grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba. I guess I felt there wasn’t much going on there. I spent a lot of time watching TV in awe of film/tv celebrities. It was something I always wanted to do as a child – be in entertainment. An actress singer dancer.
In my mid 20’s I took acting classes here in Ontario. I also did radio/broadcasting. And eventually I took off to Mumbai to enter the world of Bollywood. Many false promises that were made. But then – a spiritual power so in my face held my attention. Miraculous events kept happening to me. Messages from divine. So I listened. And soon my life direction changed from entertainment to spirituality.
So for the next 10 yrs I did just that. I behaved and lived like an ascetic. I became the yogi from within. I practiced and taught plenty of yoga/meditation and still do. I went back to India to heighten my mind. It took me 10 years to find myself. It started in Mumbai Bollywood and led to me becoming a yogi or preacher. And now I’m back into entertainment. An upcoming blues singer-songwriter.

You wrote your captivating memoir, what inspired you?
I wrote a book because I’ve had a very unique and tough life from the age of three. I wanted to share my story to help people in some way. I wanted to ignite a fire from within them. Maybe reading my book will spark something in their life. As a guide, when people come to see me. The issue that I see mostly coming up is struggles with love and money. It can be resolved. It’s the perception the attitude of the mind that needs to change. If you don’t change.

Your number ‘Tools in My Pocket’ on You Tube is very professional, tell us about it?
As I mentioned earlier I do listen to the messages that come from above. So after I wrote my book the message was Sing! I heard it again and again – “Sing sing sing” So I got on it. It’s like I came back full circle. Back in entertainment. My debut single recently launched on VH1 India. Which is interesting because I sing Blues. So even though my music is very North American. I still have ties to India one way or the other.

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