Meet the MRI Technologist who moonlights as DJ

Tarn Banga was born and raised in Toronto. Like any good South Asian son, he got good grades and now works as an MRI Technologist. In Middle school he discovered his passion for music, listened to all kinds of music, he really enjoyed it with a passion. Later on he teamed up with his cousin Prabh and together began DJing on weekends and sometimes on week nights. Can-India caught up with this talented young man who holds down a day job but clearly loves his evening and night job.

(L-R) Tarn Banga with his cousin Prabh

(L-R) Tarn Banga with his cousin Prabh

When did you realize your passion for music?
In grade 7, I took music class and our teacher, Mr. Varano, really inspired and taught us to play more modern tunes and gave us the freedom to pursue what we wanted. I played the baritone horn, which is essentially a smaller tuba, and enjoyed playing it so much that I joined the school band. I would often jam out with my buddies, early mornings at school and after school playing mainly hip hop and reggae tunes. It was definitely the spark that created my musical interests. In high school, I enjoyed mostly Bhangra and Bollywood remixes and I would mess around with DJ software in my spare time. At family functions and parties, I usually played the music but I didn’t actually DJ professionally until much later in life. Thanks to my cousin and fellow business partner, Prabh, I learned proper DJ techniques and we started DJing at various clubs and lounges during our university and college days. Now we DJ at all kinds of functions, including weddings, corporate parties and fundraisers.

Being a DJ obviously seems to give you a creative outlet.
Most definitely. We release mixtapes and monthly MAD mixes on Soundcloud on all types of music that we enjoy. I like to mix and beat grind different genres of music to create a really unique sound.

Was a medical profession something you wanted or was it a parental expectation?
I always had an interest in working in healthcare because I enjoy helping people. This was a personal choice, but the best part was that my parents supported me in every decision I made. I never felt pressured by my parents to do something I didn’t want.

If it was left to you would you go all out in pursuing your passion?
This is a difficult question for me to answer. Although I would love to DJ full-time, I also enjoy working in the healthcare industry. I see new and exciting cases in the hospital almost everyday and I don’t see myself doing anything else other than MRI. Maybe in the future, when I’m experiencing a mid-life crisis or something (laughter), I would consider working more as a DJ, but for now, I feel very comfortable doing both things.

Does marriage come in the way of your late night passion?
I am happily married. My wife is totally cool with me DJ’ing parties. She knows I have a passion for it and supports me which I’m truly grateful for.

What are your observations about second-gen South Asians?
Good thing about being a first generation Indian is that you tend to be more socially active and comfortable with a diverse group of people. Bad thing is the negative stigma and racism that you may encounter growing up. At the end of the day, I treat people the way I would like to be treated and living life with courtesy is my motto.

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