Megha Chakraborty takes diction classes to avoid Bengali accent

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Mumbai, May 16 (IANS) Actress Megha Chakraborty is taking classes in the Khari boli dialect to avoid her Bengali accent in the show “Krishna Chali London”.

Megha hails from Kolkata. She has a natural Bengali touch in the way she speaks.

For her role as a young girl from Kanpur in the show, she was required to learn the local dialect. To make it easy for Megha, the makers hired a tutor to improve her language skills.

Megha said in a statement: “I am from Kolkata and I am not well-versed with the Hindi language. When I was approached for the show, my character required me to learn a local dialect of Uttar Pradesh, which is very close to the Hindi language.

“Because of my difficulty with the dialect, I took classes from the on-set tutor and improved on my language skills. It took me a few days initially but I got better in a few months.”

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“Krishna Chali London” will go on air from May 21 on Star Plus.



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