Melbourne students’ ‘sexualised’ Instagram posts spark anger

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Melbourne, July 18 (IANS) An elite school in Australia’s Melbourne city has shut down a student-run Instagram account set up to “slut shame” young girls.

The account was filled with incriminating pictures of young girls, giving other boys the opportunity to vote for “slut of the year”, reported on Monday.

Two senior students from Brighton Grammar School in Melbourne’s Bayside suburb featured girls as young as 11 and 12 on the account.

Some girls were dressed in school uniforms while others were more provocative – one young girl was wearing bikini bottoms and a white singlet.

Students who posted the photo also wrote a caption describing sexual acts the girl was accused of doing.

The school suspended the two boys involved and will make a final decision on their enrolment at the end of further investigations.

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The girls on the Instagram page were unaware their photos were being judged publicly and a mother of one of the girls took to Facebook to express her disgust.

“I am writing this as a mother of a girl that has not only been sexualised but violated within our small community,” Fairfax Media reported citing the post.

On Monday, the school met with the students involved, their parents and two girls who had their pictures posted on the account.

This comes after a Facebook page, made by some Melbourne University students earlier this year, was said to promote a rape culture.

The “Hotties of Melbourne University” page posted pictures of attractive university students and invited people to rate their appearance or sexual performance.



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