MH17 crash report: Page 169 reveals ‘most heartbreaking’ part of downing

Johannesburg, Oct 15 (ANI): The section called “3.14 Survival aspects” on page 169 of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash report captures the worst fears for anyone who flies, as it reveals that the passengers and crew were confronted by the detonation of the Buk surface-to-air missile in different ways.

According to News24, the section paints a horrifying picture that demands somebody be held accountable for the atrocity.

The pilots, Wan Amran Wan Hussin of Kuala Kangsar and Chinese-born Eugene Choo Jin Leong, and their two co-pilots, died on the spot as the cockpit blew up but the aircraft continued flying for at least one and a half minutes before it fell back on the ground.

The investigators said in the report that some occupants remained conscious for some time during the one and a half minutes.

The Dutch Safety Board believes that the occupants were barely able to comprehend the situation.

There was no evidence of last minute action among occupants, like text messages to loved ones or phone calls. There were, however, reflexive actions, like grasping of arm rests.

One body was found wearing an oxygen mask that would have deployed from the cabin roof.

The report describes they would have been exposed to extreme factors of airflow as the aircraft disintegrated, extreme cold and objects flying around that would have caused fatal injuries. (ANI)

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