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New Delhi, Jul 26 (ANI): The Janata Dal (United) on Sunday said that there is nothing wrong in straightforward BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha showering praise on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, adding that the entire nation is feeling suffocated because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dictatorial behavior.

“Shatrughan Sinha is openly praising Nitish Kumar. The entire BPJ, the entire nation is feeling suffocated because of Modi ji’s dictatorial behavior. People are trying to get rid of it. The BJP themselves want to get rid of it,” JD (U) leader Ali Anwar told ANI.

“He (Modi) is calling Nitish ji egoist, but his ego seems to be beyond secularism. Just like the next stage of cancer, the next stage of secularism is fascism. That is why Advani sahab had to say that emergency can be imposed and none can deny that,” he added.

Commenting on the speculations that Sinha may be joining JD (U), Anwar said “This is his matter, but Shatrughan Sinha sahab is a straightforward person from the beginning. he has an appeal and a good image in the society.”

“The people of Bihar people love him and whatever party he joins, Nitish ji, Lalu ji everybody considers him big brother,” he added.

Sinha had earlier said that one should not politicise his praise for Nitish

“There is nothing wrong in praising him, he is an able person. I am from Bihar and if I do not praise my Chief Minister then will I praise the Chief Minister of some other state. The person, who is our Chief Minister, is our guardian,” Sinha said.

“I have not said anything to damage my party…There is no need to dramatise this, there is no need to look at it from a political angle,” he added.

Sinha, who met the Bihar Chief Minister at the latter’s residence yesterday, had described him as guardian of the state.

He also said that Nitish is the best chief minister the state has ever seen. (ANI)

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