Microsoft Edge browser receive extension support

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New Delhi, Mar.18 (ANI): Technology giant Microsoft’s Edge browser has finally received extension support ( which means users can click on ‘more’ at the top right in Microsoft Edge and click ‘extensions’ to open the extensions ), but only on PCs.

Extensions means to improve users’ internet experience by tenfold.

The Washington-based software giant would offer three extensions to test, including Microsoft Translator, a Reddit extension, and Mouse Gestures, the Verge reports.

“We are participating in the W3C Browser Extension Community Group’s efforts to define standardised extension APIs based on familiar web technologies. Today, we are previewing our first step towards that goal,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft and included in the company’s Windows 10 operating systems, replacing Internet Explorer as the default web browser on all devices.

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Microsoft claims it is designed to be a lightweight web browser with a layout engine built around web standards. (ANI)

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