Microsoft makes organising meetings easier by new Invite app for iOS

Amsterdam, Sept. 25 (ANI): Microsoft has developed a new app for iOS called Invite that allows the users to set up meetings and calendar appointments easily.

According to The Next Web, when the users have connected to the email account, they can suggest various times that work for them and invite attendees. The attendees will receive an email or app notification and they can pick time which work for them and see what other options work for other attendees.

When everyone had set their preferences, the user decides on the best time and the app will automatically send invites to everyone so they can add it on their respective calendars.

The users can use invite with any email account, however Microsoft says it works best with Office 365

Microsoft says Invite’s main talent is overcoming the issue of not being able to see everyone else’s calendar. It is a simple solution to an otherwise annoying problem, not unlike how Microsoft’s recently released Tossup app facilitates going out for dinner.

Invite is only available at the moment for iOS in the US and Canada. Microsoft says Android and Windows Phone versions will be out sometime in the future. (ANI)

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