Migrants deported from Greece arrive in Turkey

Ankara, April 4 (IANS) The first ferry carrying migrants, mostly Pakistanis, deported from the Greek island of Lesbos docked here on Monday morning.

The migrants will first go through the camps set up on the dock for health check and registration, Xinhua reported.

Under a deal finalised last month with the European Union, Ankara agrees to take back those who have crossed illegally into Greece via Turkey from March 20 and are deemed ineligible for asylum.

Hundreds of migrants are expected to be sent back to Dikili town in Turkey on Monday.

Turkish Interior Minister Efkan Ala said on Sunday that the Greek authorities had submitted the names of 400 migrants to be returned on Monday.

He also said that upon the completion of the registration process in Dikili, the migrants will be relocated to temporary refugee centres established in several locations in the country.

The minister noted that the migrants will not be settled along the western coast.

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