Mild tremors felt in Bihar, Jharkhand

Giridih (Jharkhand), Dec. 15 (ANI): Mild tremors of 4.2 magnitude were felt in parts of Bihar and Jharkhand on Tuesday morning.

People reported feeling mild tremors in Gaya and Jamui of Bihar and Deoghar and Dhanbad of Jharkhand. No loss of life or damage to property has been reported yet.

“I was reading the newspaper in the morning at around 8 a.m. when I heard a sound from the house and I realised that it was earthquake. Everyone started shouting and came out their houses. It lasted for about 15-20 seconds. This is the first time in life that we experienced this kind of a tremor. There are cracks in many houses,” said one of the residents of Giridih.

In April, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck Nepal had killed 38 people, over 120 injured in bordering areas of Bihar.

The earthquake in April had killed nearly 10,000 people in Nepal and over 25,000 were left injured. (ANI)

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