Miles Morales to appear in Spider-Man alongside Peter Parker

Washington D.C., Oct. 8 (ANI): Spider-Man director Jon Watts has indicated that Miles Morales could appear with Peter Parker in the upcoming ‘Spiderman’ franchise.

In an interview, Watts was asked if there had been any serious discussion over Miles being the main character, to which the director said that he cannot talk about that, because that would reveal too much, The Independent reports.

The 34-year-old added that they were still writing the story and had not finished all the way through.

Earlier, there were lots of discussions on whether the main character would be Peter Parker or Miles Morales when Marvel Studios announced they were working with Sony on a new Marvel movie.

However, it was revealed that in the upcoming film Tom Holland will take centre stage as Peter.

Holland would first appear as Spider-Man in `Captain America: Civil War` alongside Chris Evans, Robert Downey Junior which is set to release next year. (ANI)

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