Miles Teller never wanted to be an actor

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Los Angeles, Nov 26 (IANS) Hollywood actor Miles Teller says he did not aspire to be an actor during his youth and actually fell into the business by accident.

The “Whiplash” actor said: “I wasn’t somebody who wanted to be an actor.I just did some satirical bits for the school TV channel and I joined drama club at the end of my sophomore year. My friends were sarcastic. ‘Oh. You’re in drama now. That’s cool, man.'”

“They never came to any of my plays or anything. Now, they always want to come on set. Especially, if I’m working with a pretty girl,” Teller said in an interview to the Irish Times newspaper.

In his latest on-screen role, Teller plays the part of former world champion boxer Vinny Pazienza in “Bleed for This”, and the actor said he was initially too shy to discuss the role with the ex-fighter, reports

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He said: “When I was prepping for it, I didn’t really talk to Vinny at all. I just felt very sheepish. I was so far away from playing a five-time champion boxer at the time the script came to me. I didn’t want him to see me boxing. I didn’t want him to see the shape I was in. Oh my God. What would he have thought? Probably that ‘this guys going to bury my reputation’.

“So I watched a lot of video. Mostly I listened, rather than watched. I listened to hours and hours of him. Just studying his voice. I didn’t want to associate that with mannerisms.”



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