Millions await the results that could change Canada on October 19

Toronto, October 16 (CINEWS): The Canadian federal elections of 2016 has been the longest in recent history and one that has electrified voters like no other in a long time. Over 2 million voters have already cast their ballots in the Advance Polls held last weekend, a record by any standards. Record number of Canadian voters are expected to turn up to cast their ballots on election day. federal-leaders
The long drawn election campaign has actually been really good for Canadians who have been forced out of their stupor, they’ve been exposed to controversial issues, they’ve followed debates and have keenly observed where party leaders stand on issues close to their hearts.
So what were the major issues that concerned Canadians?
The economy dominated for sure and party leaders were forced to state their positions on controversial aspects that could cost them votes, they had to weigh in on balancing environmental concerns with the resource-based industries. They had to deal with the Niqab controversy which probably has cost the NDP dearly but left the Liberals unscathed.
Other issues that dominated the headlines and the airwaves were defense spending, terrorism and Bill C-51. Other issues that were of consequence were the legalizing of marijuana, defence spending, pensions, crime and taxes.
This is one election where no party has been able to take any riding for granted. Traditional Conservative, Liberal and NDP bastions are all fair game and up for grabs. And the reason is that voters are apt to vote for parties that reflect their concerns on issues that matter to them. There are life-long Liberals who are voting NDP or even Conservatives while long-time Conservatives are looking elsewhere.
Needless to say, this is expected to be the closest elections in a long time and regardless which party gets to form the next government, they will have to deliver all they promised.

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