Minor quake jolts northern Pak

London, June 30 (ANI): With level 2 heat alert in England, climate experts have predicted soaring temperatures and very high UV rays this year that can even put some people in danger.

Boots pharmacist Angela Chalmers claims that heatwaves can be extremely dangerous, especially for the very young and old, pregnant women and those with existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes, kidney, liver or circulation problems, reported the Mirror.

To beat the heat one should not ditch the salt at all as the heatwave will cause more sweating and removal of salt from the body can cause deficiency.

Small babies have fewer sweat glands than adults and their temperature regulating systems is not fully developed and therefore they need special care to avoid diseases.

One should not forget to keep fluids up this summer as dehydration is something that could easily take a toll on your health.

It may sound funny, but keeping the bed sheets in fridge a couple of hours before going to bed could keep the body temperature low and give sound sleep in the hot weather.

Eating lots of protein, found in high quantities in red meat and fish, increases a person’s metabolic heat as it tries to break down the heavy food so it’s better to ditch the meat and opt for smaller and balanced meals.

Yoga breathing could be highly beneficial in the heat, as it not only protects from the diseases but also keeps one active.

Also, eating spicy food, avoiding cold showers, using feather pillows, covering bald head and switching of appliances that produce heat can help protect from the heatwave. (ANI)

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