Miss Colombia calls `Miss Universe title mix-up` an injustice

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Melbourne, Jan. 1(ANI): Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, who was wrongly named Miss Universe last month, said it was a big injustice done to her.

Speaking to W Radio in Colombia, the 22-year-old model said Steve Harvey’s mistake was humiliating for her and for all of Latin America, adding that she had always dreamt about being Miss Universe, News.com.au reports.

She added, “I have been disconnected, I haven’t received any phone calls, just a few people have been able to contact me and it is because I needed to grieve for what happened that night.”

The model further said that first she thought it was a joke when Harvey said it was a mistake because he is a comedian in the USA, but when he actually revealed she was not Miss Universe, everybody was in a state of shock.

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Gutierrez was crowned Miss Universe two weeks ago, but only for four minutes. Her tears of joy changed to tears of heartbreak when host Harvey said that he had announced the wrong winner.(ANI)

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