Miss Universe Slovenia shows up at exhibition after right half of her face was paralyzed

Los Angeles, December 21 (CINEWS): She might not have won the title of Miss Universe, but rather Miss Slovenia unquestionably won over the hearts of viewers.Sloveniawinner

On Sunday night’s yearly excellence exhibition, viewers took in the tale of Ana Halozan why should incapable contend in the live broadcast after an overwhelming damage.

Everything ceased in a moment when the excellence had a startling seizure. When she woke up, specialists discovered that the right half of her face was deadened.

“How could this transpire? What I did in my past this should be with me at this time?” Ana partook in a passionate piece. “When they say to me in healing center that I can’t go to the exhibition, I was, similar to, would you say you are clowning with me? I will go.”

Things being what they are, her fantasies could transform into a reality when host Steve Harvey acquainted her with the stage Sunday night at the Planet Hollywood Resort.

“She thought she had lost her chance, however she didn’t,” Steve clarified before the gathering of people emitted in adulation. “How about we give her that minute for satisfying her fantasy of strolling on the Miss Universe stage with her companions. If it’s not too much trouble welcome Miss Universe Slovenia.”

In a staggering red dress, Ana got the group on its feet as she graced the stage and got blossoms from past champ Paulina Vega.

“Other people are similar to, will be sad to the point that you won’t be in expo, yet I said don’t cry over me in light of the fact that I’m alright. Try not to stress,” Ana partook in Sunday’s appear. “I have advanced. I will defeat this.”

Ana’s mother Mojca Marovt included, “Ana has dependably had huge dreams. When she gets some thought in her mind, nothing will stop her.”

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