Mississauga and Brampton on Top 20 least safe cities to drive list

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According to Allstate’s recent Safe Driving Study, Mississauga is at the top of the heap (number 20) of Canadian cities that report the frequency of collision claims.

That said, it comes in right at number 20, boasting a collision claim rate of 6.76 per cent—up seven per cent from 2015.

Mississauga comes in at 74 on a list of 93 cities ranked from safest to least safe.

Some in Mississauga could take some solace to know that even Brampton and Caledon rank up or rather down there.

Halifax is at the very bottom of the ranking, with Ajax, North York, Scarborough and Caledon rounding out the bottom five.

“Despite improvements in certain regions, the latest Allstate Insurance Company of Canada Safe Driving Study has found that collisions are still on the rise across Canada, with an overall increase of 2.5 per cent in frequency since the previous period studied,” Allstate wrote in the report.

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“The 2017 study also found that the most severe collisions during the last period can be attributed to incidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, while the second-most severe type of collision was head-on collisions.”

Allstate points out that while the collision frequency rate was not the highest in Ontario, it was the only province to report an overall increase in its collision frequency rate – up 4.7 per cent since last year.

If drivers are worried about this latest piece of depressing news, they can always consider moving to cities that are arguably on the safer side like Medicine Hat, Alberta, and they better hope that their jobs move there as well.

Unfortunately, all the places which happen to be unsafe to drive have the most jobs to offer. Good employment prospects attract more residents to the surrounding neighborhoods and more traffic congestion to its industrial parks and business cores. It is the price one pays to live in an economically thriving region. Some pay with high insurance premiums, others with their lives. -CINEWS

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