Mississauga bans Uber and other ride-sharing companies

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The taxi lobby has won in Mississauga despite Mayor Bonnie Crombie not being in favor of the ban. Mississauga council has temporarily suspended Uber and all other transportation network companies (TNC) from operating in the city.

On Wednesday, council voted 10-2 to order all ride-sharing companies to adhere to the same regulations as traditional taxicab and limousine drivers. This option essentially maintains the status quo by requiring UberX drivers to obtain a municipal broker license and abide by the existing regulatory structure.

However, council left an opening for the legalization of ride-sharing companies by creating a committee to explore a new pilot program that would allow TNC’s to operate in Mississauga. The deadline for the committee to come up with a compromise for cabbies and TNC’s is September 21.

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If UberX drivers don’t comply with the ban until that time, the committee will be dissolved and any further debates around ride-sharing will be off the table.

Enforcement staff is currently in discussion with council as to how to enforce this new, albeit potentially temporary, ban. – CINEWS

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