Mississauga develops plan to reduce plastic use

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At one time there was a war on cannabis, its soon to be ancient history, but a new war looms- the war on plastic. All cities seem to want to do something about it. Mississauga is one of them that is vowing to reduce the amount it contributes to polluting drinking water.

Last week the city passed a motion to reduce single-use plastics and urged the federal government to develop a national strategy to reduce plastic pollution. The motion follows the 44th G7 Summit in Quebec where five countries, including Canada, agreed to the Ocean Plastic Charter, which aims to limit single-use plastic pollution in the Earth’s oceans.

The Canadian plastics industry intends to make all plastic packaging recyclable or recoverable by 2030, and entirely diverted from landfills by 2040, the motion states. Mississauga’s aims include making efforts to educate and promote the reduction of waste to all staff, with a focus on single-use plastic; reducing the use and/or purchase of non-recyclable, single-use plastics within internal operations; and working with the Region of Peel to lead single-use plastic waste reduction initiatives at city facilities.

There is no doubt plastic is wreaking havoc around the globe and is affecting wildlife and the oceans. Fish are known to swallow plastic and die painfully. And the poisonous effects of plastic at the end hurts us all. -CINEWS

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