Mississauga follows Brampton, asks Uber to suspend operations

Mississauga, March 4 (CINEWS): Dozens of Mississauga-based Uber drivers will be disappointed with the news that Mississauga City Council has voted unanimously to ask Uber to suspend operations in the city.
Mayor Bonnie Crombie says the rise in popularity of ride-sharing services has presented new challenges for consumers and companies all across Canada.uber
“Innovation, technology and growth are driving competition in an established industry that has a long history of providing quality and reliable service,” said Crombie. “The debate about how to regulate Transportation Network Companies
(TNC) is not going away and we need to get it right.”
It ofcourse remains to be seen if Uber drivers, many of whom are now quite dependent on the income to put food on the table will put away their keys and look for a new job.
Meanwhile they have no choice but to wait until council looks at amending the public vehicle bylaw.
Last week, Brampton City Council also asked Uber and other ride-sharing companies to stop operating while it conducts a review.
The typical Uber driver comes from all walks of life- students trying to earn some side income to pay their way through college. Recent immigrants who count on picking up some fares during the time they are free and between looking for
work and going to interviews. Others are simply those who are seeking a part-time income driving people around instead of sitting in front of the television and wasting time.
Can-India has spoken to some taxi drivers in the past who were thinking about quitting driving taxis and instead becoming Uber drivers.
Uber drivers get paid weekly, you drive totally on your schedule which means the more you drive, the more you earn. Perfect for those looking for seasonal, work from home, entry level, temporary, or any type of job opportunities.
You need to be atleast 21 years old, have a 4-door vehicle, driver’s license and insurance. Such a job is a dream job for so many cash-strapped residents and those who may have lost their jobs. Their fates now hang in balance.
Brampton city council was the first to ask the company to halt operations pending a review of city bylaws. At the end of February, the 11-member council voted unanimously to request a suspension of UberX services while city staff
examined the Mobile Licensing By-Law governing taxi and limo services.

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