Mississauga is reviewing eligibility requirements for committees

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At the heart of the matter the issue is a what point does an individual become a Canadian–when he or she is a permanent resident or when that individual becomes a citizen. This was a question that had come before the DAIC (Diversity and Inclusion Committee committee) back in 2016 and has dogged council ever to this date. The issue is under review regarding the eligibility requirements for individuals seeking a place on any committee at city hall. Currently Canadian citizenship is a must for individuals seeking to join a committee.

But that policy could well be tossed as Mississauga seeks to present itself to the world as ‘progressive’.

Now, the city is asking for the public’s input on the issue.

The topic was discussed at a recent governance committee meeting.

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Currently, in addition to being a citizen, an individual must also be a Mississauga resident and/or business owner and must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Since the review process, DIAC has recommended maintaining the current Canadian citizen eligibility requirement, adding that nothing should be changed at this point in time.

But Councillors Carolyn Parrish and Pat Saito compared Mississauga’s policy to the Kingston where permanent residents can serve the city as long as they’ve lived there for a year.

Carolyne Parrish believes it should be a fundamental right to be able to serve the committee from the minute a potential immigrant sets foot on Canadian soil as a permanent resident.

There was also mention that the City of Toronto only has the requirement of being 18 years of age, and that having any more requirements than that is not progressive.

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These days being progressive includes turning a blind eye to those breaching our borders and proclaiming cities to be Sanctuary Cities where it doesn’t matter whether you are even a landed immigrant. Soon enough there may be politicians seeking to enable asylum seekers to serve on panels and committees because even asylum seekers can play a role in bettering our communities.

nd it may actually make logical sense, because in any case chances are these asylum seekers are well on their way to becoming permanent residents. – CINEWS

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