Mississauga mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus

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Protect yourself!

With people now spending more time than ever outdoors given the great weather, there is danger lurking outside in the form of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus.

From June until September Peel Public Health monitors 33 traps, and the insects carrying the virus were collected from one of these traps located in the Dixie Rd. and Lakeshore Rd. E, area.

All that rain we’ve been experiencing has created breeding grounds for the insects and the heat has helped mosquito larvae thrive and now residents are urged to use a bug spray that contains DEET, wear light coloured clothing, cover exposed skin, and take precautions at dawn and dusk when more mosquitoes are out.

People can help by getting rid of sitting water on their property which could act as a breeding ground. Sitting water on public property can also be reported on the Peel region website.

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West Nile Virus is an illness transmitted to humans by a bite from an infected mosquito and it is not contagious between humans, says the Peel region website. It warns that those who spend time outdoors at dawn and dusk – when there is greatest exposure to the insects – are at risk of being bitten. There is no need to avoid the outdoors, merely take adequate common sense precautions. – CINEWS

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