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Mississauga residents agitate over Hurontario LRT plans

As the Hurontario LRT starts to take shape and more residents are focussing on what is in store for them, pockets of resistance are building.

For example, there was a media report about a Kingsbridge Circle-area resident up in arms against a proposed power substation for the LRT soon to go up in the 10 Kingsbridge Circle parking lot. This is one of 14 substations that would provide power to the 19-stop Hurontario LRT.

As always, no one wants anything that won’t add to their property value in their backyard, the residents upset with this substation are concerned about the impact it will have on their property values and perhaps even increase health risks for residents.

Residents in the area have also taken issue with the stop nearest to Kingsbridge Circle, which they say is too far for the community’s disabled and elderly members.

Metrolinx meanwhile maintains that the placement of substations is determined by electrical requirements of the LRT and not really the feelings of residents and businesses in the area. And it also points out that moving one substation isn’t as simple because that would mean changing the placement of all the other substations.

Metrolinx points out that Hurontario LRT system complies with “federal, provincial and municipal government standards for health and safety.”
Property owners Lisgar Development Limited were served with an expropriation application notice in August on behalf of Metrolinx for part of the parking lot of 10 Kingsbridge Garden Circle as well as another portion of the property as a permanent easement to access the substation.

A construction drawing of the substation show the expropriated portion of the parking as about 948 square metres.

As densification increases along the Hurontario corridor, residents and business owners will have to contend with a lot of change. Having the LRT running along Hurontario will mean higher property values in the years to come. -CINEWS


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