Mississauga residents troubled by anti-abortion flyers depicting Justin Trudeau


Hundreds of Mississauga residents received flyers depicting Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and what’s purported to be a bloody aborted fetus landed on hundreds of Mississauga doorsteps on Tuesday.
Created by the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), the flyers are being distributed in 20 ridings across the country, where the group believes it can turn the tide in the next federal election.trudeau1
Volunteers for the organization said residents’ reactions were most often negative and sometimes even hostile.
The people behind it regret that the flyers weren’t put in envelopes to shield them from children’s eyes.
Mississauga residents found these images totally unnecessary and partisan.
The CLC targeted Trudeau because of the leader’s decision to enforce a pro-choice policy on all candidates in his caucus.
“The goal is to let people know that Trudeau is not allowing freedom of speech on an issue where so many lives are lost,” she said.
When asked about the flyers, Trudeau insisted that he isn’t backing down on his support of women’s rights.
“ We are the party of the Charter. We are the party that stands up for people’s rights. We will continue to do so,” said Trudeau.
The flyer drive was timed to coincide with a rally on Parliament Hill Thursday, part of an annual three-day event organized by the CLC which includes a candlelight vigil and a youth conference. Last year’s rally drew 25,000 people, Douglas said.
The issue of abortion continues to divide Canadians but in the South Asian community, what is more reprehensible is sex selection and the aborting of female foetuses. This is an issue that concerns many front line healthcare workers who see this sort of thing happening very frequently.

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