Modi government adopting divide and rule policy: Kharge

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New Delhi, July 20 (IANS) Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday accused the Modi government of adopting divide and rule policy by breaking society, crushing freedoom of speech and pushing people into inequality.

Participating during the discussion on no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha, Kharge said: “I was wondering what Modi government did in the past 4 years three months. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh gave us lessons on history. You should tell us what you have done in the past four years.”

“Rajnath Singh said they electrified the remaining 18,000 villages. But was electricity produced in the past 70 years. There are more than 6 lakh villages in the country. Who gave electricity to 6, 10,000 villages. Is it the Congress government or the BJP government?” asked Kharge.

“If you take credit for electrifying 18,000 villages in 4 years, don’t you think it is a success story of the Congress government in electrifying more than 6 lakh villages in 70 years,” he said.

“The manner in which you are trying to break the society, freedoom of speech crushed, pushing people into inequality, you cannot save democracy in this manner.”

“You have to appreciate Congress’ contribution in saving democracy. Your RSS-based ideology is against Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s idelogy. The governemnt is good at insitgating..they try to didvide and rule,” he added.

Talking about not conferring him the status of a full-fledged member in the Selection Committee for Lokpal, Kharge said: “You could not bring an amemdment or ordinace to include member of largest opposition party. You can bring 6-7 ordinances for other issues.”

“If I call you as special invitee? Would you come,” he asked.

Raising the issue of farmers’ suicides, he said: “Farmers are committing suicides everyday. In 2014-15, around 12,360 suicides took place, in 2015-16 about 12,402 farmerrs committed suicide. In 2016-17, about 11,458 suicides took place and in 2017-18 more than 14,000 farmers committed suicide.

“Farmers suicides are increasing and government is saying they are doing a lot for them. They increased the MSP for farmers, when Lok Sabha elections are just seven months away, to find a way to go to the people. They only speak about Adani and Ambani,” he added.



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