Modi government compromising India’s position as tech giant: Congress

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Bengaluru, April 25 (IANS) The Congress party on Wednesday slammed the Narendra Modi government for compromising Indias position as “tech giant”, saying it “failed” Indian immigrants as the US clamped down on various visa categories.

The party also slammed the Prime Minister for staying “silent” on the issue.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said: “PM Modi and BJP must answer to India’s, especially Karnataka’s IT industry, IT professionals and the young, the reason for bartering India’s interests and compromising India’s position as tech giant.”

Noting Bengaluru emerged as the ‘IT hub’ of the world and Karnataka tops India as the top state in ‘Software and Services Exports’, generating $40 billion revenue,” he said: “India’s growth story on the world stage as a tech power is under a cloud as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP government flounders and fails India’s young, standing as a mute spectator to the clamp down by the United States on H4, H1-B and L1 Visas for Indians.”

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“Hugplomacy, trumpeting rhetoric and beating drums, while staying mum is the only delivery by PM Modi in the last year,” he said.



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