|Modi Govt. seeking to sharpen communal polarisation: CPI (M)

New Delhi, Oct. 28 (ANI): Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are trying to sharpen communal polarisation for their political and electoral benefits.

Yechury, who was reacting to the raid on Kerala House, pointed out the Delhi Police is under the Central Government.

“What has happened in the Kerala House is not isolated. It is a part of the nationwide campaign unleashed by the RSS and patronised by this Modi government,” said Yechury.

“On this allegation that cow slaughter is being done, which are all baseless allegations, they are seeking to sharpen communal polarisation for their political and electoral benefits, which is something that we cannot accept,” he added.

Demanding a thorough investigation into the matter, Yechury said that strict action should be initiated against those involved in the incident.

“Since this happened in the national capital of Delhi, the Delhi Government and the elected government should conduct this enquiry and let us know why and who is responsible and strict action must be taken on that,” Yechury said.

“It is a clear violation of the rights of the state. We want the people of India that these machinations by the Modi government and the RSS to sharpen communal polarisation must be resisted fully,” he added.

Nearly 20 police officials went to Kerala House on Monday evening after Vishnu Gupta, a Hindu Sena leader, called and complained that the canteen at the state guest house was serving beef.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has submitted a report regarding the raid to the Union Home Ministry. (ANI)

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