Modi ignored issues of illegal foreigners, floods: Gogoi

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Guwahati, Jan 19 (IANS) Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attacked the Congress-led Assam government and the erstwhile UPA regime at the Centre, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said Modi ignored important issues like illegal foreigners, floods and erosion in his speeches.

“The prime minister is not aware about the situation in Assam. In 2014, Modi came to Assam and spoke on illegal foreigners. People trusted him and voted him to power. However, he failed on his promise and today, he did not even mention illegal foreigners even once in his speeches,” Gogoi said at a press conference on Tuesday evening.

“Modi talked about broad gauge railway tracks but Assam already has broad gauge tracks. Modi said Assam has water to produce electricity to supply to the whole country. However, he is not aware that Assam does not have such water resources that can generate electricity, only Arunachal Pradesh has it,” he said.

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Gogoi said Modi was “not much aware” about Assam.

“I was expecting that the prime minister will announce some package for the state. The BPF has been saying it has been assured of Rs.1,000 crore package.

“I was thinking if the BTAD gets Rs.1,000 crore package, the rest of Assam will surely get a Rs.10,000 crore package.

“However, the prime minister did not say anything about the Rs.1,000 crore package to BTAD, forget about the package to us,” said Gogoi.

Gogoi also criticised Modi for not saying anything about the devastating floods in the last two years.

“He (Modi) gave assistance to Jammu and Kashmir and to Tamil Nadu after the floods. However, nothing was given to us despite Assam witnessing devastating floods in 2014 and 2015. Over 100 people were killed and over 80 lakh people were affected in the last two years,” he said.

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