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Modi quietly oversaw lynchings of minorities: Owaisi

Hyderabadm May 25 (IANS) As Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for removing fear among minorities, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Saturday said that he “quietly oversaw” mob lynchings of minorities in his first term.

Owaisi also reminded Modi that he was opposing the minority character of Jamia Millia Islamia and the Aligarh Muslim University.

“We can either be appeased or cheated. Since you say it’s the latter, ask BJP to stop saying the former,” Owaisi said in a series of tweets.

“You’re opposing minority character of JMI & AMU, you quietly oversaw minority lynchings, ignored the victims of Mecca Masjid & Ajmer.

“With such a LARGE contingent of Muslim MPs (0/303), I’m sure you’d know that making minority scholarships demand driven is urgently required. Also don’t use the ‘M word’ too much, your core supporter may get confused,” Owaisi “advised” Modi.

Owaisi, who was re-elected from Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat for fourth term in a row, was reacting to Modi’s address to newly-elected MPs of BJP and its allies. The PM said that the minorities were cheated by opposition.

The AIMIM chief earlier voiced his anguish over beating up of a Muslim by cow vigilantes in Madhya Pradesh.

“This is how Muslims are treated by vigilantes created by Modi voters welcome to a new India which will be inclusive and as @PMOIndia said Secularism Ka Niqaab,” tweeted Owaisi along with the video of the incident.

“6 & 9pm nationalist watch how the mind has been hacked in last 5 years, I am sure this is not radicalisation for Modi voters but a natural treatment for Muslims ,this will be watched by Muslim youths will increase alienation & marginalisation -well done Hackers,” he added.




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