Mohammad Azharuddin didn’t charge a penny: Tony D’Souza

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Azharuddin did not charge anything for promotional events of Azhar says director Tony D’Souza. From IPL matches to reality shows, Mohammad Azharuddin is seen all over nowadays, advancing the forthcoming biopic on him. Apart from the way that the film is on his life, one wonders whether he is getting any financial advantages for the advancements of Azhar.

Director Tony D’Souza says that Mohammad Azharuddin did not take any money for advancing the film. Says Tony, “He has not taken a single penny. We are very happy that he helped us a lot all along, right from the scripting process to shooting to promotions.

“Azhar would amend us always with the right stories.” “I was always big fan of Azharuddin. I recollect when he was at the peak of his profession; I had gone to Delhi for some of my work. When I heard that he was in Delhi as well, we as a whole went to his home.

“I told him that I was a huge fan and wanted an autograph. I was so surprised with his humble gesture… I did not have a pen or paper… Azhar went into his house and got a paper and pen and wrote memorable words for me,” adds Tony.

“From that point forward we began keeping in touch. Slowly and gradually we became friends. Then I shared the idea with him about bringing his biography on to the celluloid. It did take some time for me to convince him. But finally here we are.”

Tony admits he is getting “the Friday jitters.” “Every filmmaker wants his films to be a hit. I need all the prayers and wishes from one and all. I’m sure the film will do well — each one of us, including Azhar, has put in a lot of effort.”   “CINEWS”

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