Montreal cops in pilot body camera project; data on Cloud

copcamera Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) is the first Canadian police force to pilot 50 Axon body-worn cameras on the leading Canadian based digital evidence management solution is hosted on Cloud-based servers  in Canada and all data will reside within Canadian borders.

The announcement was made by TASER International (NASDAQ: TASR) and its Canadian subsidiary, Axon Public Safety Canada Inc., on Thursday in Montreal.

The camera pilot program will be rolled in phases, beginning May 18 with Subway Patrol Officers before extending to the Traffic Patrol unit, and will last nine months. During that time, the agency will evaluate the impact of the cameras on both evidence collection and interactions with the public. In testing cloud-hosted data storage, the Montréal Police Service is looking to evaluate potential cost savings associated with servers, server maintenance, and IT staffing, while gaining new tools for evidence management and sharing.

“Our solution can be a total game-changer for agencies in Canada interested in body-worn cameras and digital evidence management,” said Vishal Dhir, Country Manager of Canada. “It can help to greatly reduce the IT requirements that come with storing data and makes it easier to manage and share evidence in the process. Seeing our solution break into the Canadian market is a real thrill and we hope that Montréal is the first of many in the country to adopt it.”

Thousands of law enforcement agencies to date are now utilizing the Axon platform, allowing them to seamlessly integrate software and hardware to enable powerful capabilities. The Axon platform connects technology and people in order to create safer communities.

  • Smart Devices – Body cameras and in-car video that leverage technology such as Bluetooth® wireless technology and Wi-Fi to better track and manage data
  • Unified and Integrated Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) – One platform that removes siloed DEMS through cloud computing, integrations across media points, and open file standards that do not require proprietary file formats or media players
  • Connected Ecosystem – From capture to courtroom, securely share and track digital evidence across public safety stakeholders
  • Digital Verification and Audit Logs – Record every interaction with any piece of digital evidence including capture, ingest, retrieve, manage, and share
  • Advanced Security – Industry–leading people, practices, and products that comply with CJIS at both the infrastructure and application layers and ISO/IEC 27001. – CNW

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