More HOV lanes to cope with Pan Am traffic



More HOV lanes on the QEW, the Gardiner Expressway, Lakeshore Boulevard, the Don Valley Parkway, Highway 404 and parts of Highway 401 will be open to vehicles with three or more occupants between June 29 and July 27, and to vehicles with two or more people during the Para Pan Am Games from July 28 to August 18. Public transit buses, Pan Am vehicles and taxis will also be allowed to use the lanes.carpool-hov-lanes
And the plan also includes a series of shuttle buses to connect Games venues to major ?transit lines. Regular transit routes will also have added service, including 6 am Sunday subway openings.
Pan Am organizers are hoping to make ?transit the first choice for people attending the Games. Their Games tickets will allow them to ride free on transit.
The organizers are also hoping that more companies allow some of their employees to work from home as this would really help reduce the traffic congestion. Even without the games, getting around the GTA is a feat that could well qualify for a game.

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