More illegal guns on the streets than ever before

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The summer of 2018 is turning into the Summer of Gun Violence in the GTA. Every other day there are media reports of yet another gun-related incident.

Today several guns obtained legally in Canada are being later sold to people who use them for criminal purposes. Criminals no longer have to risk smuggling in firearms from the US when they are readily available in the neighborhood.

If you need a gun, you can find one.

Before 2012, about 75 per cent of the firearms were trafficked from the United States. By 2017, however, about half originated from domestic sources.

One reason why legal guns are resold is the profit one can make from such a sale.

Toronto has had 220 shootings this year and 27 deaths so far and that fact underscores the gun problem.

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The law must change because currently someone with a clean record can legally buy multiple firearms and that has for some turned into a small business.

Earlier this year, the federal government introduced Bill C-71 aimed at tightening controls on handguns. Under the legislation, businesses would have to maintain inventory and transfer records for non-restricted firearms, allowing police to better trace firearms, a spokesman for Public Safety Canada said in a statement.

Regardless of whether gun laws are changed, guns will find its way into the hands of crooks and criminals one way or the other. It is virtually impossible for law enforcement to track guns both legal and illegal. -CINEWS

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