Most Canadians want vaccines to be mandatory for schools

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Nine in ten Canadians are convinced vaccinations should be mandatory for school-aged children, according to a Global News Ipsos poll.

A whopping 88 per cent of Canadians said they would approve of legislation to make it mandatory for all school-aged children to be up to date on their vaccinations unless there is a medical reason why they can’t be immunized.

In February, the BC government announced that all children must report their vaccination status as they enter school but didn’t go so far as to ban unvaccinated children.

What is undisputable is that Canadians do have concerns about possible side effects like low fever, sore arms, or a one in a million chance of an allergic reaction, however, 85 per cent say they believe vaccinations are safe, two-thirds of Canadians said that while they believe vaccinations are necessary, they worry about some side effects.

While on one hand, nine in 10 Canadians say that vaccinations should be mandatory for school-aged children, a third also insist vaccines are a personal choice.

The next poll should question Canadians on how they would feel about banning unvaccinated children from attending school. -CINEWS

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