Most Indian women pick earrings as favourite accessory

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New Delhi, May 17 (IANS) Long dangling earrings and even studs are preferred by most Indian women, reveals a survey.

A large-scale customer survey done by online ethnic wear site has found that when it comes to accessories, Indian women have a preference for earrings – a whopping 39 percent of them.

And 70 percent of these women loved jhumkas, hoops, chandeliers, and dangling clip-ons. Only 30 percent showed a preference for studs and ear-pins.

This was followed by neck pieces, bindis and bangles in that order – that comprised another 35.4 percent of women. The rest of them, 25.6 percent, chose between pendants, rings or a combination of accessories.

Monica Gupta, co-founder, said in a statement: “In our survey, women were given a wide choice to define their favourite fashion accessory. In India, making a hole in the ear is an elaborate family ritual.

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“From a painful process earlier, it has now become much easier. It’s normally the grandparents who supervise this process and ensure that a small gold earring is purchased for the child. Hence, earrings stay with us from an early age.”



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