Most think Europe has no role in fight against IS

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Washinton, March 3 (IANS) At least 80 percent of Americans feel that the US is the main force fighting against the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria and European countries have no role in it.

According to the Sputnik.Polls survey, the 80 percent respondents believe that Europe is adding to the struggle.

Britain’s role was recognised by 29 percent, of Russia by 25 percent, France 36 percent, while Germany’s effort by just 8 percent. The survey was conducted by various research companies for Sputnik news agency.

In Germany, 36 and 38 percent of respondents believe that Russia and the US are playing the same leading role in the fight against groups like IS and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria.

France ranks third on 25 percent, while 24 percent of respondents named the Syrian Army and the Kurds among the fighting forces.

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The survey involved 1,047 British respondents, 1,004 American respondents, 1,002 German respondents and 1,499 French respondents.

Russia has carried out 7,725 air strikes, the US – 3,267, Britain – 33, France – 5, according to the reports from their foreign ministries.

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