Motion to ensure restaurants and bars clean up after smokers

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Owners of bars and restaurants in the city could soon find themselves on the hook if their patrons who tend to step outside for a quick smoke end up flicking their cigarette butts around.

The motion has been put forward by Ana Bailao, councillor for Ward 9, Davenport.

Bailao, whose motion ‘Keeping our Streets Clean from Cigarette Butt Litter’ was brought forward Wednesday in response to the large number of Torontonians who are appalled by the ugly pile of cigarette butts littered around popular restaurants and bars across the city.

The new regulations would also require businesses to install receptacles near the sidewalk where patrons can dispose of their cigarette butts.

Earlier this month the city launched an anti-litter campaign targeting cigarette butts, calling them a “big problem. -CINEWS

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