Movie’s extras didn’t recognise Ricky Gervais

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Los Angeles, Aug 14 (IANS) Acting extras on forthcoming film “David Brent: Life On The Road” did not recognise actor Ricky Gervais.

The 55-year-old comedian, who has reprised the role of David for his new movie, was not recognised by those who played other members of Gervais’s onscreen band in the film, said his co-star Ben Bailey Smith, reports

“We filmed a scene where the band are performing at a student night and there were real students in the crowd. Between takes I was talking to them and there was a moment when I overheard them saying to each other ‘Who’s that guy?’,” Smith said.

Smith, who plays a rap star in the movie, said the extras had not heard of Gervais’s acclaimed sitcom “The Office” and neither did they recognise him from his stint presenting the Golden Globes.

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“They were saying ‘He’s that guy of Channel 4 called David or Derek or something’. I told them he was from ‘The Office’ and they were saying ‘Oh, that American show’,” Smith said.

“I explained he actually created the original ‘The Office’. Then one of them said ‘Oh yeah, my uncle goes on about that sometimes’. I couldn’t believe they didn’t know ‘The Office’,” he added.



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