MP Deepak Obhrai blasts new Conservative Party rule

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Calgary, April 15 (CINEWS): In an interview recently, Calgary Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai was critical of party president John Walsh announcement that entrance fees for leadership contestants would be $100,000.
“When you have to put upfront $100,000 for a leadership this is sending a message that leadership is restricted to only those who are wealthy,” Obhrai said.
The new rules may make the Conservative Party into an “elitist and white-only” club, he added.
He added: “These actions, in my view, have disenfranchised a vast majority of Canadians. Newcomers, immigrants, low-income Canadians, and those economically challenged who will be turned off and walk away because they can’t afford these high fees.”
Obhrai also noted that the Conservative Party’s new annual membership fee of $25 was the highest of any party.
“For a family of four, it’s like asking them to give $100, and then also asking them to give through a credit card, which many don’t have. I have had these problems and my EDA (electoral district association) passed a motion telling the national council that we are unhappy with these rules.”
He said the message to landed immigrants seemed to be: “Sorry, don’t come to us if you don’t have the money. Go to others.”
Obhrai didn’t buy the party’s reasoning saying this measure was to discourage fraudulent practices, he suggested other ways to deal with those concerns.

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