Murder of spa owner continues to baffle everyone involved


Last November Teresa Hsin, a 59-year-old owner of Relaxology spas with 16 locations across the GTA was repeatedly stabbed outside her townhouse in Mississauga and left for dead. Last week she was reported missing, days later she was found dead in her BMW with obvious signs of trauma.

Teresa Hsin,

Teresa Hsin,

In an exclusive interview with Can-India, her business associate on condition of anonymity said he was absolutely shocked and saddened by her killing. “After she was stabbed in November, I met Teresa and asked who could be behind it, but she said she had no idea and said that it was robbery-related. I had my suspicions then but now that she has been killed, I am sure there is more to it. It is not possible that she was killed for no reason,” he said.
Teresa’s death has left a big question mark over the future of Relaxology. There are speculations the highly successful chain of spas could be sold. Her business associate says he is wondering if her twentysomething son could run the business. “I don’t have any experience running a spa,” he said. “There is big money at stake here, leases and other liability issues,” he added.
For the dozens of employees and the investors, there are going to be some pretty tension-filled days ahead. They could undoubtedly use a soothing neck massage to ease off some of that tension.



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