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Washington DC, July 7 (ANI): A new smartphone app has been developed that will warn you if you go over the recommended maximum daily/weekly units of alcohol and this way you will be able to manage your alcohol intake.

The study conducted by BMJ explained that the alcohol tracker app has in built psychological therapies that will help alcoholic app users to stay at bay from hazardous drinking habits and also that this app is based on the clinical evidence of what works best.

This new alcohol track app will enable the users to log the number of beers/shots/glasses of wine they have knocked in a day, after which the app calculates the unit and warns the user once the daily or weekly limits have been exceeded.

The app will also provide links to alcohol help-lines.

Notably, the limits are defined by the recommended safe intake for men and women, stipulated by national guidance in the UK (NICE) and Canada.

Apart from this, many alcohol control apps are available in the market, but they are largely for entertainment and rather curbing drinking habit they promote.

The experiment is published in the online journal BMJ Innovations. (ANI)

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