Muslim clerics ask for ban on ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’

Lucknow, Sept. 12 (ANI): Muslim clerics on Saturday asked for a ban on the film ”Muhammad: Messenger of God’, saying if the movie is released then it would lead to riots.

“In the name of Prophet Mohammad ‘Messenger of God’ is highly objectionable because as far as Islamic law is concerned, it does not permit anyone to make any type of sketch or photographs of the Prophet of Islam,” a Muslim cleric said.

He said the government must take it very seriously and impose a ban on any film that is being made by this name.

“In our view, sketching Prophet’s photo is wrong. Making these kinds of films is wrong. It is very unfortunate that these kinds of films are being made in the Mumbai film industry. I totally condemn this and I request for a ban from India. If this film releases, it might lead to riots,” added another cleric.

A Muslim group in Mumbai has issued a fatwa against all those involved in the film, including renowned Iranian director Majid Majidi and music composer A.R. Rahman. (ANI)

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